DLD Gallery

DLD Gallery

The departure of artists from the studio is primarily associated with landscape painting and dates back to the time of French plein-airism in the second half of the 19th century when painters directly encountered reality and focused their interest on capturing light and atmosphere outdoors. Many meetings of artists have been based on these principles. The essence of the purpose of these meetings is for artists to step out of the solitude of their studio, face fresh creative obstacles, and establish a collaborative environment to nurture their creativity. This sharpens their personal sensibility, allows them to contemplate current artistic issues together, and fosters friendly connections. Group painting sessions in nature have a long tradition in the Slovenian art scene. They became particularly prominent with the Impressionists, who hold a special place in the history of Slovenian painting. The geographical diversity and picturesque beauty of the country have further contributed to the flourishing of various forms of working meetings among visual artists.

A decade ago, the history of the Dvorski Art Days began to be written. The art professor Ana Cajnko spearheaded the initiative, and the gracious Rezelj family offered them a charming home nestled in a picturesque setting alongside the Krka River. From the very beginning, their gracious invitation allured a diverse range of talented visual artists to the town. These creatives were immediately captivated by the stunning natural landscapes and cultural landmarks that served as abundant inspiration for their work. This working gathering, taking place at the beginning of August, has become a tradition.

Over the past ten years, more than 80 selectively chosen visual artists have participated in the Dvorski Art Days. A rich collection of artworks has emerged, representing a communication with the external and internal worlds. Our compositions are unique and cannot be duplicated as they capture narratives, expressions, experiences, memories, feelings, associations, and structures through the use of colors, lines, surfaces, and light. Every artist showcases their unique visual language, unveiling their creative potential as they either embrace novelty or adhere to the established creative standards of the studio. The resulting artworks showcase a diversity of artistic practices, spanning from realist efforts to abstract evaluations.

All this artistic wealth There is a need for a long-term showcase. Rok Rezelj recognized the value, significance, and role that artworks play in the broader social community. The notion arose to establish a gallery that would offer a comprehensive outlook on this assorted compilation of masterpieces and exhibit a fraction of modern art creation produced by the contributors of the Dvorski Art Days.

The dreamlike yet daring idea became a reality. The gallery is not only an asset for the Rezelj family but for the entire town, Suha krajina, and beyond, for anyone who visits Dvor. It opens up new conditions for living with art and through art.

While it is true that artists often hold numerous working meetings, it is exceptionally rare for a gallery to be established solely from the artworks produced during these gatherings. Thus, the DLD Gallery can be considered a unique and exemplary case. Typically, everything ends up in private collections.

Having a gallery is a luxury for a town that is practical is mainly on the edge. Now it has what only larger urban centers possess. Now it can boast an artistic core where works by nationally, generationally, and stylistically diverse visual artists are exhibited.

Art is what Pablo Picasso said erases the dust from our everyday lives. It is also what makes us great and places us at the center.


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