Lookout tower of St. Peter

Lookout tower of St. Peter

St. Peter or also known as the “Suhokranjski Triglav” stands 888 metres above sea level. At the top, near the place where the Church of St. Peter stood, a lookout tower was built, and under the tower there is a tripoint of the municipalities of Dolenjske Toplice, Kočevje and Žužemberk, and a mountain shelter.

On St. Peter there is also a preserved Way of the Cross with fourteen crosses from the iron foundry of the palace, and there are four bells on the top on the ruins of the Church of St. Peter, which were constructed from cannon shells.

According to local accounts, the Kočevar family shrine was erected on the site of the ruins of the Church St. Peter. Below the church are the remains of the Kočevar’s village of Zgornja Topla Reber in the forest. And this was their nearest shrine and pilgrimage route.

St. Peter’s Peak on the tripoint of the three municipalities is a point where the mayors of all three municipalities regularly meet, formally and informally. They say they don’t go back to the valley until they resolve any neighbourly disputes in such a way that everyone is happy with what has been agreed upon.


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