Naral’s Pil

Naral’s Pil

Along the former Roman road from Acervo (Stična) to Siscia (Sisek, Croatia), which led through today’s Žužemberk, near the village of Trebča, there is an exceptional stonemason’s achievement with a cross with Jesus from the second half of the 19th century.

The monument was carved and placed by Jože Novak from Naral’s homestead as a sign of gratitude for a happy return from the war. Naral’s homestead is located on the “Mačkov hrib” peak or “Katzenberg”, as the locals call the place.
Jože was a soldier and a prisoner of war, and since he was not home for several years and there was no word from him, the locals and other villagers were convinced that he was dead. The surprise was that much greater when he suddenly appeared on the doorstep after almost ten years of missing. He lost his leg in the war, so he was crippled. According to the story, he vowed that if he returned alive from the war, he would set up a memorial as an expression of gratitude. And he did what he promised. In the area of ​​Lačni grič, not far from the homestead, he found stones suitable for processing and brought them home with an ox cart. Here he processed and chiselled the stone blocks according to the plan he had imagined. The memorial has a pedestal on the left and right sides and in the middle. All three have stone cupped ends that look like vases to some. In the middle is a wooden sign with a cast-iron crucified Jesus.

The sign of Christ was cast in the Court Ironworks, as were the three cherubims, two of which are attached to each side of the monument, and the third on the stone vault next to the sign. The entire monument was made and erected by Jože Naral between 1875 and 1896.

Jože Novak sculpted the monument, a magnificent work of three different materials, when he was disabled. On the homestead of the Naral family, the stone table, spheres and trough that he carved are still standing today, and he is said to have also made wooden products.


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