NOB monument on Cviblje

NOB monument with a tomb on Cviblje

The monument on the Cviblje hill with a tomb was erected in memory of more than 2,000 fallen soldiers from 17 foreign countries and is one of the largest ossuary of WWII in the territory of Slovenia. The monument is the work of architect Marjan Tepina.

The monument stands on a 305-metre-high hill, also called Tumplac, which rises above Žužemberk. The monument with a tomb in which the remains of those who died in WWII are buried was erected in memory of the fallen partisans who died in the battles in Suha krajina.

The site of the former courthouse and the village lime tree with the church of Saint Lenart is also located nearby. The jurors of Žužemberk, who had the right to vote and who elected the judge from Tržič, were sheltered in the courthouse. Since there were twelve jurors, they were called “cvelbarji” (Zvelbary in German). Cvibelj is therefore a location where the “cvelbarji” passed judgement under the village linden tree. Te Tržič judges were regularly elected from 1657 to 1849.


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