Park of famous people of Suha Krajina

Park of famous people of Suha Krajina

The Park of famous people of Suha Krajina is a project with which the work and the life of people who are directly or indirectly connected to the “Suha Krajina” region are permanently celebrated. All of them have left a lasting mark in various fields of activity in this environment or beyond. The memorial is located in the park in front of the municipal building.

The first of the important people from Suha Krajina on the timeline was certainly Andrej Auersperg, who was born in 1557 at the castle in Žužemberk. He was followed by many individuals important for the development or recognition of the place.

Even before films started showing in Slovenia, Hollywood already had Slovenian star actresses. Rozalija Sršen, the first Slovenian film actress in Hollywood with the stage name Zalla Zarana, was born in 1897 under the mighty walls of the old castle and next to the sound of the Krka river, who in 1921 got her first major role in the American film Wheel of Fortune.


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